How to get Ventrilo working

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How to get Ventrilo working

Post  Karashka on Thu Mar 10, 2011 4:56 pm

Ok, so we've had a few people not sure on how to get ventrilo working, so I decided to make a step by step guide for you people!

Step 1. Make sure you download the Ventrilo for your Operating System from the front page of this site (

Step 2. Run the programme to install it, this is very simple and will give you step by step guide on how to install. Install it to somewhere easily accessible (I have it on my desktop)

Step 3. Load up your Ventrilo.exe client from wherever you saved (I also renamed mine to "Ventrilo Hacked Version" as it isn't the legitimate ventrilo client.

Step 4. You should be able to see the boxes I have highlighted in Red and Blue. Click the button I have highlighted in red, and you'll be bought to this screen:

Step 5. Click the "New" button, and a box will pop-up for you to enter your name - Use something we can recognise you from in game (My ventrilo name is Karashka for example)

Step 6. Once you've entered your name, click "Ok" and you should be taken back to the ventrilo default screen.

Step 7. Click the little button I have highlighted in blue. At the top will be a box. Click the "New" underneath and enter you can recognise for the server. I use "Minecraft" as I don't have anymore Minecraft servers on my ventrilo. Once done, click the "Ok" button

Step 8. Now you will go to the box directly right of the "Hostname or IP". In this box you want to enter this exactly:

Step 9. Port Number - I believe this server uses the default Port Number, which is 3784. If that's not in there, enter it.

Step 10. There is no password or default channel, so leave those boxes blank, it should look like this once you're done:

Step 11. Once done, press the "Ok" button again, to go back to default Ventrilo screen, and click the "Connect" button on the right hand side at the top.

This is a very rough guide, and I will pretty it up later.


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